Murder Monday (Savilion Remix)

from by Chokeules

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The latest single from Hand'Solo Records' Bassments Of Badmen 3 is "Murder Monday" by Chokeules. Produced by Timbuktu (a member of Toronto rap group Swamp Thing, alongside Chokeules and Savilion, who produced the remix), “Murder Monday” is an ode to free time and escaping the daily grind. Accompanied by a lyric video by, with illustrations and fonts by Chokeules, it's an audiovisual treat for anyone who's ever wanted to Murder Monday.



Murder Monday:

Once again the kid has risen with the witticisms 
I'd rather be broke and free than rich in prison
If indifferent get to stepping with the criticism
Thinking that the kitchen is too hot to sit in which it isn’t
This is the dragon’s lair 
We incinerated all attempted dragon slayers
You insinuated greatness but were never near
I’m a monster truck wrangling a Wagoneer 
Tags appear on the wall in my hand style
Meanwhile I’m old enough to have a grandchild
Not quite maybe kids and a hot wife
Instead of making dinner for the fam I’m doing hot knives
Murder Monday Tuesday Wednesday
To the other four you’re cool you can stay
Some say it's ingrained in my membrane 
My end game is perfecting my pen game

Murder Monday, murder Monday
Murder Monday, murder murder Monday 

(cuts: Murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2 murder murder 1 2 murder murder 1 2
Murder Murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2 murder murder 1 2 murder murder murder 2
Murder Murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2 murder murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2
Murder Murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2 murder murder 1 2 3 murder 1 2 murder)

Radio Shack alarm clock with the wood panel
Whatever plans that I got I wish I could cancel 
Channel Garfield wishing it was dark still
Not a morning person up and doing cartwheels 
I’m in the clouds throwing shade on your sun rays
Can’t co-op if your dues are unpaid
Boombap cat cuz the rest is mundane
Boomtown rat cuz I don’t like Mondays
Don't like birthdays or honourable mentions
I wanna earn being the centre of attention
General election president of chaos
Just trying to live like everyday's a day off
Murder Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Get too drunk and crash at a friend's place
Some say it's insane to attempt fame
While other's trying to get their name on the next train

(cuts: Murder murder 1 murder 1 murder murder 3 2 murder 1
Murder murder murder 1 murder murder 1 3 2 murder 1)

Murder Monday, murder Monday
Murder Monday, murder murder Monday 


from Murder Monday DJ Pack, released March 20, 2017
Lyrics: Chokeules
Production: Timbuktu
Remix: Savilion



all rights reserved


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